Ignota Books is an experiment in the techniques of awakening.

  • The Seed of Transformation — Unknown Language

    The state of abjection contains within it the seed of transformation. My new soul would emerge and the Devil hated me for the brilliance of my rebirth. In the darkness, I had my vision. 
  • The Ignota Diary 2022 is now shipping 💌

    This year's edition of the cult classic comes in a limited print run just in time for gifting season. New additions for 2022 include new rituals by acclaimed poets, new tarot spreads by popular practitioners, and a newly expanded health and ecology appendix with: mushroom identification, regenerative farming, sacred space creation, Ayurveda and Prajna, herbalism, spellcraft, kriya yoga, meditation and weather watching.
  • Ignota Recommends: Exhibitions (September)

    Ignota's monthly round-up of exhibitions in the UK and London.
  • Walking in Beauty: Summer Tarot Spread by Rachel Pollack

    A summer tarot spread by Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom.
  • Something Other: On Visions – Listening Event

    In advance of Something Other’s tenth chapter, ‘On Visions’, Something Other and Ignota are collaborating on a listening event, gathering together audio versions of the contributed texts alongside other somethings. 

    With contributions from so mayer, J R Carpenter, Caridad Svich, Karen Christopher, Sabrina Fuller, Ali Baybutt, a lyre, Alisa Oleva, Marianne Habeshaw, Mary Paterson, Maddy Costa and Diana Damian Martin.

  • The Magician by CAConrad

    This text was originally published for the full moon in Capricorn on 16 July 2019. It formed part of 22 Moons, an Ignota project responding to climate grief through the Major Arcana. 22 Moons delivered a new text on each new and full moon, bringing together twenty-two poets, writers, artists, thinkers, curators, scientists, astrologers, practitioners, witches and technologists for twenty-two lunations.
  • EU Stockists

    Due to the new sales tax system in place from 1 July 2021, we are unfortunately unable to send web orders to customers in the EU. We apologise for this, and are doing all we can to find a solution. We hope this will only be temporary. Below are a list of stockists in the EU.

  • Ignota Recommends: Exhibitions and Events (July)

    Our monthly round-up of exhibitions and events, including Rebecca Allen, Zach Blas, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Ian Cheng, Lawrence Lek, Haroon Mirza, Precious Okoyomon, OOMK, Tabita Rezaire, Aura Satz, Himali Singh Soin, Tai Shani, Jenna Sutela, Chooc Ly Tan, Zadie Xa and more.
  • Love spell for a night of the full moon by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

    Alexis Pauline Gumbs's love ritual for the full moon, inspired by Audre Lorde.