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  • Belief in AI: Designing Tomorrow’s Intelligence

    Yuk Hui, Ramon Amaro, Rana Dasgupta, Jenna Sutela, Casey Reas and Benjamin H. Bratton at Belief in AI: Designing Tomorrow’s Intelligence
  • A Sermon For the Parents of Young Machines by Federico Campagna

    What kind of parents are we for machines? 
  • Ignota Books of the Year: Part I

    Ignota friends and family choose their books of the year! <3 
  • Designing for Intelligence: Ramon Amaro, Rana Dasgupta and Yuk Hui

    “There’s a computational logic that cannot be comprehended by humans.”
  • Ignota 2020 Midwinter Sale

    Give generously to yourself and loved ones this year with our four bundles, catering to all tastes: from tech gnostics  to the mystically inclined to the cosmically fearful.
  • Weird AI Reading List by K Allado-McDowell

    K Allado-McDowell, author of Pharmako-AI — a hallucinatory journey into selfhood, ecology and intelligence via cyberpunk, ancestry and biosemiotics offers five essential reads about weird AI — the fevered dreams of the gods in our machines. How can we make sense of artificial intelligences that we’ve built but can’t fully comprehend?