Belief in AI: Designing Tomorrow’s Intelligence

Yuk Hui, Ramon Amaro, Rana Dasgupta, Jenna Sutela, Casey Reas and Benjamin H. Bratton discuss artificial intelligence at Belief in AI: Designing Tomorrow’s Intelligence, a conference organised and curated by Ben Vickers and K Allado-McDowell. Belief in AI inspired the Atlas of Anomalous AI edited by Ben Vickers and K Allado-McDowell. 


Belief in AI: Designing Tomorrow’s Intelligence with Yuk Hui, Ramon Amaro and Rana Dasgupta

How do the underlying beliefs of a person, nation, company or religion shape and influence the development of a technology? This panel brings the question of historical bias and ethics to bear on the creation of artificial intelligence, challenging us to rethink how AI is designed and developed.

Jenna Sutela and Casey Reas in conversation with Ben Vickers and K Allado-McDowell

Artists Casey Reas and Jenna Sutela present a vivid journey of artist engagement and collaboration with machine intelligence. In conversation with the curators of the conference, Reas and Sutela discuss their explorations in generative software and what it means to engage in interspecies collaboration through the spectrum of film, installation, performance, slime mould, sculpture, text and sound.

Benjamin H. Bratton: Keynote Lecture

Drawing on philosophy, architectural theory and software studies, Benjamin H. Bratton’s closing keynote examines how technological innovation operating at planetary scale has redrawn the maps of our geopolitical realities. This talk explores the opportunities presented by these emerging technologies for urban design practices today and how education must be remodelled if we are to meet the complex challenges of tomorrow.