Ignota 2020 Midwinter Sale

Midwinter approaches. As the dark half of the year arcs towards the solstice, the nights become longer. A time for coziness, reading, feasting, and gift-giving. Yule, Christmas, Hannukah, Saturnalia; all emphasise the exchange of gifts as a customary part of the midwinter celebrations.

Give generously to yourself and loved ones this year with our four bundles, catering to all tastes: from tech gnostics to the mystically inclined to the cosmically fearful.

Goodbye, Good Riddance 2020 Bundle : 25% off the 2021 Ignota Diary + 2020 Interplanetary Cosmic Shitshow World Tour Longsleeve

Weird Technology Bundle ⚡️: 25% off Pharmako-AI + Atlas of Anomalous AI + The White Paper

Mystic Bundle 🔮: 25% off Spells + States of the Body Produced by Love + Unknown Language

Cosmic Tree Bundle 🎄: 30% off ALL BOOKS by Ignota. Includes: the 2021 Ignota Diary + Atlas of Anomalous AI + The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction + Pharmako-AI + Spells + States of the Body Produced by Love + Unknown Language + The White Paper