Love spell for a night of the full moon by Alexis Pauline Gumbs


  1. Find the moon.
  2. Ask yourself: how can I love myself deeper, more fully, more completely than I every have before? And then find it: what is the shift you are ready for?
  3. In the name of that shift, ask a new question.
  4. Choose a letter of the alphabet that goes with your question (e.g. for a question about trust choose ‘T’)
  5. Consult the concordance. If the letter of the alphabet you chose has a corresponding Audre Lorde oracle poem, read the poem three times looking in a mirror or directly at the moon.
  6. If the letter of the alphabet does not have a poem, write a poem using only words that start with that letter of the alphabet. And then read it three times in the mirror or directly at the moon.
  7. If you are brave, repeat the process asking yourself how can I love _______ (someone other than yourself) deeper, more fully, more completely than I ever have before.
  8. Repeat as many times as you like.



This ritual was originally published in the Ignota Diary 2021. The Ignota Diary 2022 is available for preorder.


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