Publishing and Administrative Assistant - Job Opening (part-time)

An opportunity has arisen at Ignota Books, a new publishing space at the intersection of technology, myth-making and magic, for an efficient, highly organised person capable of multi-tasking across various projects and working independently. High attention to detail, impeccable communication and organisational skills, time-planning and deadline management, problem-solving initiative, experience in social media and basic website management are essential.

Core responsibilities are unglamourous and range across all aspects of publishing, including post, invoicing, managing website orders, general administration, improving and optimising business processes, preparing sales material and liaising with sales representatives, social media, copywriting, rights and images research, fact-checking and general editorial, publicity and production support. Confidence and experience using contemporary digital platforms for collaboration is desirable, including but not limited to: Trello, Slack, Google Drive, Shopify and Xero.

Experience in book publishing is preferable, though not required; likewise knowledge and experience of esoterica, thoughtforms, poetry, witchcraft, advanced technology, astrology, altered states, mysticism, gnosticism, ritual, speculation, psychedelics, metaphysics, yoga, the subtle body, experimental literature, The Way, pilgrimage, feminism, herbalism, deep time, systems theory, crystals, cybernetics, dolphins, culture and politics. Ability to divine the future, travel in the astral plane and to identify and write funding applications is a major advantage.  

You will be working closely with Ignota’s directors, Sarah Shin and Ben Vickers. We are predominantly fire and air; due to the weakness of earth qualities in our charts, we particularly welcome applicants with strong earth placements and from backgrounds underrepresented in publishing.

The opportunity for the role to grow and evolve is a distinct possibility, contingent on the future success of the project and your role within such developments.

Salary: on application. Hours: part-time ~16 hours/week; flexible.

Please apply by sending a CV and short covering letter by 5 January 2019 (New Moon in Capricorn; partial solar eclipse) to: