Riar Rizaldi: Liturgy Mix

A mix by Riar Rizaldi accompanying the launch of Flora Yin-Wong's first book Liturgy (Primary Information x PAN).

Ignota · Riar Rizaldi: Liturgy Mix

1. Nursalim Yadi Anugerah - Music 03 (from radio drama The Right to do Nothing)
2. Riar Rizaldi - Isla Formosa (unreleased/unpublished)
3. Nursalim Yadi Anugerah - Soundtrack 02 (from film Tellurian Drama)
4. Iman Jimbot - Outtakes (from behind the scene Tellurian Drama)
5. DJ Soulscape - Love is a Song

Riar Rizaldi works as an artist, filmmaker and amateur researcher. Born in Indonesia and currently based in Hong Kong. His main focus is on the relationship between capital and technology, extractivism, and theoretical fiction. His works have been shown at Locarno Film Festival, BFI Southbank London, International Film Festival Rotterdam, NTT InterCommunication Center Tokyo, Centre Pompidou Paris, Times Museum Guangzhou, and National Gallery of Indonesia amongst others.

Liturgy is a journey into the uncanny realm of the senses that dives into histories of perception and intuition. Divining inspiration from meditation, oracles, curses, hexagrams, Cantonese traditions, and superstitions, Flora Yin-Wong interweaves textual and visual collage to create a multi-layered tonality exploring issues related to cosmic principles, conspiracies, and parallel universes. The book’s chapters—Rituals & Fire; Omens; Hexagrams / Oracles; Curses; Gods & Creatures; Places Doors to Hell / Ghost Cities; Paradoxes; Sound Phenomena; Reality—form a constellatory work filled with religion, dreams, and fragmented memories and knowledge that also gestures at the artist’s own history. Reflected here is the multidisciplinary artist’s interest in the web between fiction, memory, rituals, and incantation, as well as her approach to sound.

On Friday 2 July, Ignota hosts Flora Yin-Wong to launch Liturgy at Cafe OTO, with a performance by Lucinda Chua and music selected by Flora, Riar Rizaldi and Laila Sakini.