Ignota x Spike: The Magic Issue

'The Magic Issue' of Spike Art Magazine, conceived in collaboration with Ignota, includes Spells contributors CAConrad and Ariana Reines in conversation about the relationship between writing and ritual, Bhanu Kapil's favourite artists and The White Paper editor Ben Vickers and Hans Ulrich Obrist on the algo seance.

We would like to cast a spell on you that will only work if you read this whole issue from cover to cover. Along the way, you will battle monsters, fall in and out of love, perform rituals, believe or disbelieve the evangelists of new religions, and enter magic circles that protect you against evil and create a safe space for your own vulnerability.

In the witching hours of the twenty-first century, magic is once again a tool with which we can change reality, but at the same time it is pervasive and pernicious, co-opted by spiritual entrepreneurism and the false gods of Silicon Valley. 

We bid you welcome on your journey through esoteric, cybernetic, psychedelic, technoshamanic worlds that are still in the making. Use it wisely.

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