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  • States of the Body Produced by Love

    By Nisha Ramayya

    A modern mystical journey through love.

    Love is a many-headed snake in Nisha Ramayya’s debut book, twisting its way through devotion, sacrifice and bliss. 

    States of the Body Produced by Love conjures an opalescent world by way of heritage, ritual and myth across genres and forms, mixing poetry, prose, autobiography and theory. Thousand-petalled lotuses bloom inside skulls, goddesses with dirty feet charm honeybees, strains of jazz standards bleed into anti-national anthems. Ramayya's writing meditates on diasporic identity, roams genealogies of language and resistance and roots itself between ancient Sanskrit texts and contemporary feminist prose poems. Seeking a way home across Britain, India and the infinite expanse, Ramayya discovers that homecoming  the impossible return  is a process of make-believe and magical thinking.

    In Ramayya’s visionary poetry, the body assumes as many forms as love produces states: attraction and repulsion, excitement and exhaustion, selfishness and the dissolution of self. Desire, eroticism and care contain the possibilities of shame, fury and destruction. Moving towards and away from love, being translated and transformed by love, suffering under love and refusing its power  the poems in this book never leave love’s hold. 

    Published: 30 September 2019

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  • Spells: 21st-Century Occult Poetry

    Spells are poems; poetry is spelling.

    Spell-poems take us into a realm where words can influence the universe.

    Spells brings together thirty-six contemporary voices exploring the territory where justice, selfhood and the imagination meet the transformative power of the occult. These poems unmake the world around them, so that it might be remade anew.

    Kaveh Akbar, Rachael Allen, Nuar Alsadir, Khairani Barokka, Emily Berry, A.K. Blakemore, Jen Calleja, Vahni Capildeo, Kayo Chingonyi, Elinor Cleghorn, CAConrad, Nia Davies, Kate Duckney, Livia Franchini, Will Harris, Caspar Heinemann, Lucy Ives, Rebecca May Johnson, Bhanu Kapil, Amy Key, Daisy Lafarge, Dorothea Lasky, Ursula K. Le Guin, Francesca Lisette, Canisia Lubrin, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Lucy Mercer, Hoa Nguyen, Rebecca Perry, Nat Raha, Nisha Ramayya, Ariana Reines, Sophie Robinson, Erica Scourti, Dolly Turing, Jane Yeh.

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  • Ignota Diary 2019—now 60% off

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    The Ignota Diary is a tool for discovery in the practice of everyday life

    This beautifully designed diary and week-to-view planner is filled with historically significant magical and sacred dates from around the world, charting a diverse esoteric history across deep time. Drawn from events such as the Buddha’s birthday, esoteric festivals and artistic and occult history, the diary touches on the lives of characters such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Zora Neale Hurston, Carl Jung, Simone Weil, Aleister Crowley, George Bataille, Timothy Leary, Hilma af Klint, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, William Blake and W.B. Yeats.  

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