Worlding: Flavie Audi and Aliya Say – Other Worlds

Worlding: Flavie Audi and Aliya Say – Other Worlds

On 17 March 2022, Ignota hosted Flavie Audi and Aliya Say for the final event in Ignota's Worlding series.

What are other worlds? How is the invisible made visible, felt and sensed? Why has humanity throughout history been drawn to divine otherworldly realms and experiences? And what forms and shapes can the divine take in the contemporary context? In conversation through the form of a visual essay, Flavie Audi and Aliya Say explore tools and approaches that have been used to access, visualise and narrate spirit realms by artists such as Hilma af Klint, and in their own speculative practices looking towards the future and more than human ontologies.

Flavie Audi explores otherworlds in relation to her practice, working with the manipulation of glass. For the artist, glass provides a point of departure for making visible the invisible, highlighting the concrescence between physical and immaterial worlds. Audi presents her work, which contemplates a speculative world of cosmic fragments and new types of landscape formations.

Aliya Say is an art writer, strategist and researcher based in London. She is writing her PhD on botanical abstraction in the work of twentieth-century artist-mystics, and the parallels between vegetal ontology and mystical states.  

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