The Mountain

The Mountain

Annual memberships are now giftable via Ignota e-gift cards.

As above, so below.

The Mountain rises above The Garden. Go higher for audio offerings, special invitations, beautiful gifts and to meet fellow travellers. Find the Others.

£8.88 monthly

  • Exclusive access to Ignota’s curated platform for aural exploration and sonic contributions from artists, poets, musicians, healers and technologists 
  • Exclusive access to Ignota friends & family Telegram group for sharing practices, research, words, rituals and guidance in an intimate group
  • Invitation to Sounds of the Mountain: field recordings from mountains or high places that could be interpreted as mountains, guest-curated by Flora Yin Wong 
  • 24/7 access to the comprehensive library of online events from Ignota’s archive
  • Free access to all future online events and watch-back in the Library
  • Digital Full Moon Journal with exclusive poetry, rituals, essays, interviews, concoctions and contributions by Ignota's team, friends and family and our Contributors-at-large
  • Free 22 Moons ebook with contributions by poets, artists, witches, technologists and musicians including Bhanu Kapil, Johanna Hedva, Michelle Tea, Alexis Pauline Gumbs and more
  • 22% off Altered States
  • 22% off Pharmako-AI
  • 22% off Air Age Blueprint
  • Discounts to all Ignota events
  • Exclusive future discounts and flash sale

‘Is sound intelligent? Does sound have consciousness? When do you stop hearing the sound? When does memory begin?’ — Pauline Oliveros, Quantum Listening


The Forest: Invite-only Telegram channel for members

‘We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.’ — Gwendolyn Brooks 

Alongside The Mountain audio portal, members are invited to The Forest: a private Telegram group.

Ignota invites you to The Forest: an exclusive Ignota Telegram channel – a place for stories, affirmations, readings, rituals, reflections and words of encouragement as we climb the Mountain. Historically, the Mountain has signified adventure, quest, inspiration, life’s challenges and the meeting point of heaven and earth – the axis mundi. The Mountain is a symbol of the practice of everyday life: how to meet its ups and downs with the constancy, groundedness and perspective of a mountain. We hope that the chat will contribute towards cultivating resilience in the mountain of the mind during turbulent times.

In this group chat, you will receive messages from the Ignota team and invited contributors, friends and family giving generous insight into the thoughts and research behind Ignota and access to our networked consciousness. As an admin-only group, the chat will be limited to one or two messages a day.

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