The Universe Listens to Us as We Listen to It

The Universe Listens to Us as We Listen to It

7 January 2023, 19:00
Cafe OTO, 18-22 Ashwin St, London E8 3DL


As above, so below. The Mountain rises above The Garden. As you set out, the way appears to the crown, where heaven meets earth. Your journey is accompanied by the sounds of The Mountain. The universe listens to us as we listen to it.

Ignota hosts an evening of sonic exploration, ambient resonance and abyssal sounds with. The Universe Listens to Us As We Listen to It is part of Ignota’s QUANTUM LISTENING season of events inspired by Pauline Oliveros that explore the roots and legacies of​​ Deep Listening® with a broad curiosity toward vibration, resonance and altered states.

The evening will unfold through listening sessions, meditative performances, hypnotic journeys and expanded consciousness with special guests: Anna Wall and Susanna Davies-Crook collaborate on a hypnotic journey; Bones Tan Jones makes a vocal offering; Lawrence Lek presents an interdimensional journey through Nepenthe and the voices of artificial others; Lia Mice performs the Chaos Bells, with more performances and offerings by Maxwell Sterling and Ignota friends and family.

Anna Wall presents a brand new track continuing the ambient exploration of her Dream Theory label, which focuses on healing sonics, ambient and experimental music. Here she collaborates with Ignota’s Susanna Davies-Crook on a hypnotic journey.

Bones Tan Jones will make a vocal offering.

Lia Mice will perform the Chaos Bells, her self-designed instrument that features twenty gesturally performed pendulums. Chaos Bells is named after its unique sound design in which bell sounds can drone and become chaotic is how it gained its name.

Lawrence Lek opens a portal to his virtual worlds of listening and disembodied wanderings. He presents an interdimensional journey through Nepenthe, and grants us access to his ongoing series of sonic and visual landscapes, each centred around the voice of an artificial other.

The Universe Listens to Us As We Listen to It celebrates the launch of Ignota’s new membership portal The Mountain: a platform for aural exploration and sonic content including poetry, music, weird tech, ritual and practice.

Quantum Listening by Pauline Oliveros (Ignota, 2022) is a manifesto for listening as activism. Through simple yet profound exercises, Oliveros shows how Deep Listening is the foundation for a radically transformed social matrix: one in which compassion and peace form the basis for our actions in the world.

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