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Visions Bundle—30% off Pharmako-AI + Altered States + Unknown Language
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Visions Bundle—30% off Pharmako-AI + Altered States + Unknown Language

Visions Bundle—30% off Pharmako-AI + Altered States + Unknown Language 

Give generously to yourself and loved ones this January with our themed bundles, catering to all tastes: from tech gnostics to the mystically inclined to the cosmically fearful. 

Pharmako-AI by K Allado-McDowell

The first book to be co-created with the emergent AI, Pharmako-AI is a hallucinatory journey into selfhood, ecology and intelligence via cyberpunk, ancestry and biosemiotics. Through a writing process akin to musical improvisation, Allado-McDowell and GPT-3 together offer a fractal poetics of AI and a glimpse into the future of literature.

Pharmako-AI reimagines cybernetics for a world facing multiple crises, with profound implications for how we see ourselves, nature and technology in the 21st century.

Altered States edited by Sarah Shin and Ben Vickers

What are altered states of consciousness? Can altered states produce altered worlds? Altered States explores the varieties of consciousness and revelatory experience. Bringing together thirty-six contributions, Altered States includes encounters with dreams, panpsychism, artificial intelligence, grief, plant allies, mushrooms, ritual and journeys in sound and beyond. These poems stand at the thresholds of alterity to propose a new psychedelic style for the twenty-first century. 

Unknown Language by Hildegard of Bingen and Huw Lemmey

A mutant fiction of speculative mysticism.

In this story of survival and miracles,  young Hildegard of Bingen encounters love, both queer and divine, and great peril. As the visionary healer travels through the unfamiliar landscape following a great cataclysm, she discovers the mythic quantum energy of viriditas in the natural world around her. Her journey becomes one of return, to the sacred truth of her own being. With an introductory story by Bhanu Kapil and an afterword by Alice Spawls.