Designing for Intelligence: Ramon Amaro, Rana Dasgupta and Yuk Hui

Designing for Intelligence: Listen to Ramon Amaro, Rana Dasgupta and Yuk Hui's conversation about the politics and philosophy of AI from Atlas of Anomalous AI.

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Ignota · Atlas of Anomalous AI: Ramon Amaro, Rana Dasgupta and Yuk Hui


“There’s a computational logic that cannot be comprehended by humans, and I see a great potential in that, in terms of race, in terms of gender dynamics, in terms of homophobia and so on and so forth. Because all we know, as sentient beings, is our own perception with bias, and now we have something that exists in our world that actually lives outside of the understanding of bias. We just can’t recognise it yet, because our own perceptions are only geared towards what we know as racism, nation states and so on and so forth. So I’m actually curious of the Black body in particular, what happens when the Black body stops existing within the visibility of power, and starts existing within the in-between of power, which is where Fred Moten says it already exists.” — Ramon Amaro

I’m always intrigued by the question of inclusion. Because inclusion always presupposes exclusion; they are like pairs. Is it possible to think of a universal scheme which is only inclusive? We know that this was the dream of the Enlightenment, of having a universal system which was expressed in the constitution, which was expressed for example in Leibniz’s characteristica universalis, and Leibniz later writing Monadology. And we know today that this is not possible—a complete, inclusive system. So we have to face this difficulty, and in order to face this difficulty, we have to come back to the question of difference. I wanted to think how far can we go with the question of difference, without becoming fascist. I have difficulty talking about what is culture. Because whenever you talk about culture and cultural difference, you easily fall back into cultural essentialism or ethnocentrism, and then you end up being a fascist or a proto-fascist. But, is it possible to rethink the question of difference?” — Yuk Hui