Gaian Worlds

Gaian Worlds

2–8 October 2023
Unsound Festival, Krakow, Poland

At Unsound 2023, Ignota presents three journeys as a planet in the form of a body, a body in the form of a planet. These journeys take the forms of sonic choreographies, games and enquiries to explore the boundary between the internal and external. Traversing this world-skin – coming together and coming apart – they challenge the illusion of separation between individuation and collaboration, self and other. 


‘Gaia Season: A Body in the Form of a Planet’ celebrates Gaia theory and the influence of interdisciplinary biologist Lynn Margulis’ life and work.  

Earth is a body in the form of a planet: a self-regulating organism sustaining life for the purposes of life. At the same time, the cell structures Margulis devoted her life to researching form our own world-skin, the dermal boundary keeps us separate from yet interrelated to the planetary body and its multitude of species. As Margulis and James Lovelock assert, we are not apart from Gaia but a planet in the form of a body.

Through creative approaches and practices, Gaia Season invites groups and individuals who are imagining our collective futures. From the microbial to the planetary, we look within to look out: to our bodies and the world, the universe in a declarative, or a gesture.

Programmed by Susanna Davies-Crook and Sarah Shin.

Image: Sammy Lee.

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