Daisy Rickman: Music for the Summer Solstice

For June's full moon, Matthew Shaw of Stone Club invited artist and musician Daisy Rickman to contribute sounds to The Mountain, Ignota’s curated platform for aural exploration. In celebration of the summer solstice, Daisy's music is now publicly available on the Ignota Blog.

‘I am interested in this subconscious space between dreams and abstract perceptions of our existence. That hypnagogic realm of honest flow, where one can reach that golden haven of sound and vision within the magic of creation.’

Music and paintings by Daisy Rickman, mix by Matthew Shaw.

Ignota · Daisy Rickman: Full Moon Music



Daisy Rickman (b. 1996) is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and musician from Mousehole, Cornwall, UK. After leaving home at 18, over the past 9 years, her path has led her to exhibiting and working as a freelancer internationally in painting, film, photography, music and visual art. Based now between Cornwall and London, her work is predominantly focused on painting and folk music.